Monday, July 11, 2011

This is where the magic happens. Ohhhhhh yeaaaahhhh! Bow chica bow wowww!

One of the first things people ask me when they find out I make soap is what soapmaking process I like to use. I proudly proclaim that I am a CPHP ho (that's Crock Pot Hot Process for you soap newbs). I can't get enough of it. I love me some crock pots and have 2 that I use just for soaping and 1 that I use just for candlemaking, plus I have others that I use for cooking. Keep in mind that I live in a tiny apartment with a kitchen the size of a closet, so it's quite a feat to have that many crock pots living in one space.  They keep me company every cold and lonely night.  :P

First let me show you the crock that started it all. BEHOLD!!

*cue the sound of angels singing*

This is the crock pot that my mom gave me. I was a sentimental fool when she gave it to me because she claimed that it was given to her as a present at her bridal shower 40 plus years ago. This of course filled my heart with mush and lovey doveiness for the longest time and I soaped away with it happily... that is until I realized that my mom's memory is not the greatest. Case in point:  recently she showed me a pink onesie that she had dug up and claimed that I used to wear it when I was a baby. I didn't have the heart to tell her that the onesie was actually from the generic Cabbage Patch preemie twins she had sewn for me when I was a kid. A much-too-old-to-be-playing-with-dolls kid. I think I was in junior high if I recall correctly; the picture of me with the twins features what I like to call Quail Bangs and I didn't discover Aqua Net until I was in 6th grade, so do the math people!! But I digress.  (Fun fact:  for the longest time, I thought the saying was "but I die grass..." because I don't get out much and the first time I heard it was while watching Wayne's World.  Yes, my life is sad.) Anyways, judging by the funky decor on this crock pot (I love the lobster next to the knob) I'd say it's circa mid-1970's so it's still mighty impressive that it functions so well after all this time. 

I was a CP (cold process) soaper for the longest time until I finally tried my hand at CPHP.  This is the video that inspired me to make the transition.  I love that it's a time lapse video and that it's only a minute and a half long.  TV and the interwebs have left us with the attention span of a goldfish, so this video is perfect:  Hot Process Soapmaking in a Crock Pot

Why do I like CPHP so much?  The main reason why is because I'm a tightwad and I can get away with using less fragrance oil or essential oil to scent my soap.  Also, I lost too many CP batches to cheap scents that caused the whole batch to seize and turn into a smelly pile of angry mashed potato-looking soap.  With HP, I haven't had that problem.  Hip hip HOORAAAYYY!

So here's my tip for fellow broke-ass soapers out there:  buying new is for suckas.  Happily take donations of used items (free is good and so are the stories behind the life of the item you just received) and don't bother buying fancy, shiny, new things.  If you're a skilled soaper, the soap you  made in a free crock pot will be just as good as the soap you made in a $60 fancy schmancy crock.  If you can't get soaping tools for free, then buy them for hella cheap at places like Goodwill or yard sales.  It's always thrilling to find something for practically nothing if you just look hard enough.  :)

So that's the end of my first lesson kids.  Time for recess.  But first, enjoy this gratuitous shot of my parents on the day of their wedding.  D'awwwwww!  <3